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John Rist

John Rist

Born in 1954, I was raised a strict Catholic, altar boy etc, But was always afraid I haven’t done enough to merit heaven and to avoid hell. My father died when I was 14 and my family fell apart, and I became a very emotionally troubled and fearful teen until finally finding Christ at 19. For the first time in my life I had peace with God that passes all understanding, and for the first time in my life I was set free from the satanic fears that I have controlled my life up until that moment.

I went on to obtain multiple degrees, get married, excel in corporate-America as a software designer for 30 years, and home-schooled 8 children thru high-school.

8 yrs ago, without warning, the totally unexpected happened... first: divorce after 26 years; second: laid off from job of 29 years after a company merger.

But I called out to God deeper than ever before and He heard my cry. He eventually called me into full-time ministry. I attended River Bible Institute in Tampa Florida for 3 years where I saw over 1,000 decisions for Christ from my own one-on-one sharing of the gospel.

Then 3 years ago I was invited by Evangelism Explosion International to consider a full-time position as an equipping evangelist. After much confirmation from God, I accepted this position and have been going full time since, seeing God open doors with churches of many denominations and backgrounds. Equally important, He opens doors for me to practice what I teach with almost daily encounters with individuals. And most importantly, He continually purifies, teaches end refines my heart to stay in ever closer intimacy with Him, out of which all ministry flows.

My own journey has also given me an empathy and vision to see Christian men connected (or re-connected) with their unique God-ordained calls, and freed from the sense of boredom, isolation and addictions so common with men in churches today.

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