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Don Snipes

Don Snipes

WHAT DO WE DO? . . .

I am an ordained mister and been the lead pastor for over 30 years. I am married with 2 adult children. We’re involved at the ground level. I serve as a ministry representative for Evangelism Explosion in Arkansas and where called. Our ministry is multi-faceted with Evangelism Explosion as we seek to serve in many ways:

  • • We represent the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • • We come along side pastors and staff due to their call to equip the saints (Eph. 4:11-16).
  • • We work with them and their church to evaluate their outreach and evangelism.
  • • We want to help pastors to equip those in the body to share the Gospel and multiply.
  • • We do that through many exciting tools like Everyday Evangelism or EV2

What is our Vision?

We live in a dark world that needs to come to the Light who is Christ. Our vision is to reach our state and beyond for Christ. An old saying says, “Bloom where you are planted.” We believe it’s what Jesus had in mind as He gave the Great Commission to His Church. He wants us to start at home and move to the rest of the lost world. My vision begins here!

EE’s purpose is: to Glorify God by Equipping believers to multiply in and through local churches worldwide. Would you join us in this purpose?

EE’s vision is: Every nation equipping every people group and every age group to witness to every person. Would you help us fulfill the vision?

How can you Partner with us?

Our funding is faith based through partners like you. We need $6500 per month to cover our travel expenses, materials and salary. That means we need 65 people to partner with us at a $100 a month. Not, everyone can give a $100 a month, but some could give more. Whatever you can do please join us.

As a Faith based Missionary, I’m seeking to do what God called me to do. Now, YOU, have an opportunity to partner with us so we’ll be able to spend more time doing His work. Please pray, and ask God what He’d have you to give and then obey Him? As you do, you’ll be helping us to be able to equip others and reach people for Christ here and around the world!

Donation Amount (USD)

  • $50.00
  • $100.00
  • $250.00
  • Other$

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